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Welcome, Welcome to the first
FinalRep Streetlifting European Championship

After completing a series of official qualifying competitions all around Europe, this European Championship is the first top-event ever in Streetlifting history which is backed by a number of preliminary competitions. This means that only the best of the best from all over Europe will compete here.

Join us for the most intense and exciting streetlifting competition in 2024 to witness some amazing performances.

Date: 02.-03.11.2024 

Location: Anhalt Arena, Robert-Bosch-Straße 54, 06847 Dessau-Roßlau, Germany

Qualifier's Map

In order to qualify for the EUROS 24, successful participation in an official FinalRep Qualifier is required.
Here you have a map of all official Qualifier competitions.

German Open
UK National
Irish National
Italian Open
Balkan Open
BeNeLux Open
French National

This map shows a temporary status of the Qualifiers list. 
Further updates on this list will follow soon. 

Interested in organizing your own FinalRep Qualifier?

If yes, please fill in the following contact form and write us an e-mail to to make sure, we have received your information. We then arrange a joint call about a possible collaboration.

More information about the requirements and conditions of such a collaboration will follow soon!

Detailed information

Each athlete who successfully competes at an official FinalRep Qualifier has the opportunity to qualify for this competition.

All totals of all athletes competing at an official Qualifier competition will be listed within the FinalRep app.

The qualification for the EUROS 24 will be made based on the achieved total. Only the athletes with the highest totals in each weight class will be able to compete at the EUROS.

More information will follow soon.

More information will follow soon.

More information will follow soon.

More information will follow soon.

Our own demand is to share the full event experience as good as possible on a digital level as well. Therefore we have created a highly professional setup. 

The entire event will be streamed on YouTube. On our YouTube channel you will find one link for each competition day.

The FinalRep App is our digital event platform. Here the entire event is projected on the digital level including athletes registrations, event documentation and live results.

Everybody who attends our event accepts our legal terms and conditions to create video and foto content for commercial and marketing purposes.

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