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We invite you to join the German edition of the FinalRep European Championship Qualifier. 

After a historic event with over 80 participants from 20 countries at the WORLDS 23, in 2024 the first FinalRep Streetlifting European Championship, including a series of official qualifying competitions all around Europe will take place.

This competition gives all German and other European athletes the opportunity to demonstrate their strength and set their Total to qualify for the European Championship 2024.

Join us at the most intense and exciting streetlifting competition in Germany this year. 

Date: 08.-09.06.2024

Location: Anhalt Arena, Robert-Bosch-Straße 54, 06847 Dessau-Roßlau, Deutschland

Note: this is an official FinalRep EUROS 24 Qualifier competition. More infos about EUROS 24 

Detailed information

Each athlete who takes place in this competition has the opportunity to qualify for the FinalRep Streetlifting European Championship 2024.

All totals of all athletes competing at an official qualifier competition will be listed within the FinalRep app.

The qualification for the EUROS 24 will be made based on the achieved total. Only the athletes with the highest totals in each weight class will be able to compete at the EUROS.

The registration for this competition is already finished. You can find the final starter list in the link above.

You can access the official schedule via this link: 


Every coach who cares for a competing athlete, has to register for a coach accreditation. Here the following rule apply:

  • Every athlete who participate in this competition is allowed to nominate only one coach for the competition.
  • Only registered coaches will get an accreditation at the check in on site. 
  • Only accredited coaches are allowed to enter the warm up and athletes area and only while their athlete is competing.
  • Coaches are allowed to care for multiple athletes.
  • Every coach has to buy a visitor ticket in order to enter the event. Ticket information are given below.

Coach Registration Survey: LINK

The following information is relevant for everyone attending this event:

  • Parking facilities: available in front of the location

  • Public transportation: Bus and train stations are located nearby (station: Robert-Bosch-Straße)

  • Food and drinks: will be offered on site

  • Live Results: are available via the FinalRep App – more information below

  • Ticketing: ticket information given below

If there are any important information missing to you, please contact us so that we can complete this list. 

Note: we differentiate between personally used content (private use) and salable content (i.e. cut and sold media clips, hereafter called commercial use). 

The rules for handling photo and video material at this event are as follows:

  • For private use, the creation and sharing of photo and video material is freely permitted.  
  • For commercial use, the creation of photo and video material is prohibited. Exceptions to this apply:
  • Media professionals can receive accreditation (media pass) under the following terms:
    • The media professional works explicitly for certain athletes. These athletes must be explicitly named before acquiring the Media Pass. This cannot be changed after the Media Pass has been purchased.
    • The media professional purchase a Media Pass under the following conditions: 200 € per supported athlete
    • The media professional has to directly contact us in order to acquire a media pass.
    • The purchase of a Media Pass is only possible up to 14 days prior to the event.
  • The amount of Media Passes we issue for this event is limited to: 5
  • Journalists are excluded and permitted to enter the event for media coverage with approved accreditation. Please send your inquiry to 
  • The media permission (media pass) includes:
    • Event weekend ticket
    • Single day media accreditation (competition day of the supported athlete)
    • Access to the warm up area while the supported athlete is competing 
    • Access to the warm up area while the supported athlete is competing 
    • Access to the media corridor, right in front of the competition platform, while the supported athlete is competing 
    • The right to create content at our event for commercial purpose
    • The obligation to share the created content with us if we ask for it

If there are any important information missing to you, please contact us so that we can complete this list. 

Everyone who enters this event must purchase a ticket. Coaches have to buy a visitor ticket too. Exceptions to this are athletes and members of the organizing team. Both have free access over the entire weekend. 

The following tickets can be purchased for this event:

  • Weekend Ticket: 25€
  • Single Day Ticket: 15€
  • Youth Weekend Ticket: 12€
  • Youth Single Day Ticket: 8€

Tickets can be purchased in our online shop and at the box office on site. We offer the following payment options on site: Card, cash, Paypal.

Legal note: Our tickets are not a personalized. They can therefore be passed on without any problems. Each ticket number is only valid once.

In order to share the full event experience as good as possible on a digital level as well, we have created a highly professional livestream setup. The entire event will be streamed on YouTube. On our YouTube channel you will find separate links for all competition days.

The FinalRep App is our digital event platform. This software enables us and other event organizers to map the entire registration process for athletes, to digitize the entry of athlete values and the judging of attempts and to make this data freely available live to every user for inspection.

Join now:

Everybody who attends our event accepts our legal terms and conditions to create video and foto content for commercial and marketing purposes.

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