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Judging System & Education

To ensure a reliable implementation and execution of the rules and regulations, two important elements are required: an effective organizational structure among the world’s leading judges & a standardized judge training system.

Judges Organizational Structure

The goal of our organizational structure is to guarantee:

  1. The further development of the FinalRep Rulebook is carried out systematically and in consultation with leading judging experts worldwide
  2. The best possible communication and coordination of judges at national and international level
  3. To support the systematic and high quality training of judges at all levels worldwide

Our organizational structure contains the following pillars:

  1. Judging committee: Chaired by our Global Head Judge and consisting of a further 7 national head judges
  2. Global Head Judge: Responsible for the ongoing development of the rules and regulations and the judging licenses. He also coordinates the judging team at the annual top competition. 
  3. National Head Judges: Responsible for setting up national judging structures and coordinating the judging team at national competitions

Each nation hosting an official FinalRep competition must nominate a National Head Judge.

If you have any questions regarding the Judges organizational structure or want to build national structure in your county, please contact directly via the „head judge_finalrep“ Instagram profile.

Judging License

The Judging license is designed to be as accessible as possible while providing a high quality of education over an extended period of time. Our Judging license therefore comes as an online course on an annual licensing basis.

Online Course

Structure of the learning side 

The acquisition of the judging license is based on the successful completion of an online course. The aim of this course is to work through the official rulebook chronologically and in full. The content is summarized in a training handout and is supplemented by several instructional videos. In addition to the theoretical content there will be practical content too. For this purpose, a video catalog is provided.

Examination method

The following tests are applied in the course of this online course:

  1. Intermediate tests, covering a few chapters, self-examination
  2. Theory tests, all-encompassing all chapters
  3. Practice test, videos from attempts at real competitions have to be judged
  4. Final video test: call with the national head judge who tests you individually
Except the intermediate test, all of the tests are relevant for the final result. To successfully pass the examination, a high score has to be achieved. Except the final video test, all others can be repeated over and over again.

Licensing model

Annually renewing license

The permission to act as a FinalRep Judge is granted in the form of an annually recurring license. Once a judge has been approved, he must prove both his activity as a judge and his professional competence in the following years. This is done by judging at competitions (at least once a year) and completing the online test every year. The aim of this procedure is:

  1. To ensure high quality among the practicing judges
  2. To ensure that all practicing judges are familiar with the current version of the rulebook 

Upon successful completion of the examinations, each judge receives an official certificate. In the FinalRep app, it is planned that performance records will be documented and can optionally be displayed in the individual profile. In the long term, it is planned to have several license levels.

If you are interested in becoming a FinalRep approved Streetlifting judge, you can now use the opportunity to pre-register down here for the for the first edition of the FinalRep Judging License.

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