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Welcome to Irish Nationals 2024!

This is Ireland’s First Official Streetlifting Championship and we are PROUD to be in affiliation with FinalRep for EUROS 24! 

The ‘Irish Nationals’ provides a clear pathway for athletes aiming to compete at the highest level in streetlifting.

Date: 23.06.2024

Location: CrossFit Meath, Ashbourne, A84 ED32, Ireland

Note: this is an official FinalRep EUROS 24 Qualifier competition. Although this is a national championship, athletes from other nations are welcome to compete too! More infos about EUROS 24

Detailed information

Each athlete who takes place in this competition has the opportunity to qualify for the FinalRep Streetlifting European Championship 2024.

All totals of all athletes competing at an official qualifier competition will be listed within the FinalRep app.

The qualification for the EUROS 24 will be made based on the achieved total. Only the athletes with the highest totals in each weight class will be able to compete at the EUROS.

Application period: 15/04/2024 – 12/05/2024

Payment period: 13/05/2024 – 17/05/2024

Athletes fee: €55

Application via FinalRep Software

Announcement of the official starter list: 1-2 weeks after the registration is closed

Competition time: 10:00 – 18:00

Weigh-in time: 10:00 – 11:00

Coaches do have to get accreditation

Enter of the opener: At weigh-in

Parking facilities: YES

Public transfer nearby: YES

Foods and drinks on site: TO BE ARRANGED


Results: Live-Results will be given in the FinalRep App

The entire event will be streamed on our FinalRep youtube channel. Links will be available a few days before the competition.

The FinalRep App is our digital event platform. This software enables us and other event organizers to map the entire registration process for athletes, to digitize the entry of athlete values and the judging of attempts and to make this data freely available live to every user for inspection.

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