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United by Vision

A vision that unites is the core of a great relationship. Our approach to partner is based on that principle too. In the following we give you all information you need to know regarding partnering with us. We are excited to get to know you, if you feel connected to our vision and the sport too.

Our Platform

The basis of our platform are the FinalRep Streetlifting competitions and its athletes. This is complemented by the integration of the digital world, which allows us to scale our competitive experience globally.

Physical platform elements

Professional Sport Competitions

Our sport events are state of the art on a highly professional level with the perspective for a widely international expansion

Great Athletes

The competing athletes at our events are professional sportsman and leaders within the worldwide streetlifting sports community

Digital platform elements

Live streaming of our events

All of our events are broadcasted worldwide on a highly professional level

Live streaming of our events

All of our events are broadcasted worldwide on a highly professional level

Our approach to partnership

Our vision is to create a strong tribe around streetlifting and spread our version of strength sports worldwide. This vision is designed not only for us, but for everyone who feels connected to this too and wants to be part of it.

Our vision

Creating a digital event structure

Built as a app plattform, easy to use for everyone.

Build a worldwide event network

With competitions taking place all over the world

Establish FinalRep as a worldwide brand

To be known as the „Home of Streetlifting“

How we partner

Foster cooperation and connectivity

Between athletes, partners and fans

Increase visibility and reach

Of the streetlifting sport and all contributors

Professionaliase Streetlifting

To increase its visibility worldwide

Our ways to partner

Brand Partnership

By this we mean a partnership at a corporate level, completing all business areas related to the FinalRep brand.

In a brand partnership both parties commit to the same vision and align all their actions and initiatives to it. Together we always act for our mutual gain to create a win-win situation with the largest leverage.

Event Partnership

By this we mean a partnership in the context of one or more specific FinalRep events.

For event partnerships we offer our partners a selection of different opportunities to highlight their brand, products or services in a way that fits best to them.  Below we have listed the different sections in which we can offer you the spotlight you wish to have.

Event Partnership Packages

Event Premium

Includes the following packages: web & social media, livestream premium and on-site

Web & Social Media

Presentation on our event website and our Instagram channel

Live stream

Presentation in our event live stream including a video ad-clip and logo placement in the streaming view


advertising banner at the event or competition area + space in the event area

Be proactive

Now that you know what we offer and in which direction we are heading to, it is up to you to get in contact.

No matter which concern you have, we appreciate every contact or exchange with everyone who feels connected
to our vision and wants to join the movement. 

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