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An important part of sport and every sporting event is the partners who support it. Be it the products and services of sports-related companies or the financial support of advertising partners – the possibilities for support are very wide-ranging and varied. 

For us and other organizers of professional sports competitions, it is important to find the right position for each sponsor and to integrate them into the experience of a sporting event in the best possible way.

What unites us, the visitors and the sponsors of our sporting events, is our passion for sport.

FinalRep Brand Sponsors


Strengthshop is a manufacturer of a huge variety of strength sport equipment. By providing high-quality hard good competition equipment, such as discs and barbells, Strengthshop makes an important contribution to the basic infrastructure of our sports competitions.

Strengthshop recognized the potential of streetlifting sports early on and was one of our first strong partners. Like us, Strengthshop has the ambition to invest a lot in this sport. With their range of high-quality and innovative products, they enrich the growth of the entire streetlifting market.

Supreme Force

Supreme Force is a brand of Barzflex, a first-class manufacturer of bar systems. Their products are innovative, high quality and specially tailored to the sport of streetlifting. Especially with their Adjustable Dip Station, Supreme Force (then Homegym Builders) has revolutionized the market. By providing these systems, Supreme Force has also taken our sport to a new level.

Supreme Force also plans to develop further innovative products for street lifting in the future. Like us, Supreme Force intends to revolutionize strength sport. This is the basis for close cooperation. The next step is an all-in-one street lifting combo, specifically tailored to the requirements of our competitions.

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