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Streetlifting competitions

FinalRep European Championship 2024

Anhalt Arena | Dessau-Rosslau (GER)

Streetlifting competitions

FinalRep European Championship 2024

02.-03.11.2024 | Anhalt Arena 

Streetlifting competitions

What is FinalRep?

We as FinalRep believe that Streetlifing is one of the worlds most well-rounded strengths sports, providing an unlimited potential in terms of personal and collective growth. Therefore we are committed to create unforgettable competition experiences and connecting the streetlifting community worldwide. Our goal is to bring Streetlifting to a higher level by supporting with professional events and an accommodating platform for athletes and event organizers.

Ready for competition?

Are you an athlete with a preference for powerlifting or weightlifting?
FinalRep Streetlifting championships offer you an innovative competition format that challenges you in a whole new way.


What do you want to know about our competitions?


Everybody who can perform all exercises in a clean manner – according to our Rulebook – can participate in our competitions.

Our streetlifting competitions take place in specifically selected gyms, which fit our requirements in order to provide all athletes and visitors with the best sports competition experience. All our events are listed on our website, including all important information.

In order to establish a professional and comparable competition format, we have developed our own rulebook based on more than 10 years of competitions experience. Together with our athletes and judges we are constantly developing it further. You can find the latest version here.

The origins of FinalRep lie in calisthenics. Although calisthenics in its pristine form is a sport that relies purely on exercises with one’s own body weight, it quickly became clear that even greater progress could be achieved with additional weight in the form of kettlebells or weight plates. Starting in 2012, a rapidly growing competition scene established itself, known internationally as Streetlifting. In Streetlifting – formerly known as Weighted Calisthenics – the goal is to move maximum (additional) weight by one rep in the Muscle up, Pull up, Dip and Squat exercises.

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